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USA has major market for lawn mowers and the garden equipmet market. It has been changing rapidly now with many mergers and acquisitions taken place has kicked out fly- by-night operators and given the best fitted manufactures in the market. In UK, gardening equipment market has increase around 2 to 3 percent per annum. In 2005 the its sell was 860.

There are many leading brand names like Exmark, Simplicity, MTD, Scag, Cub Cadet, Kmart. Mountfield, Yazoo, Hayter, Alko, Dixie Chopper, Kubota, Walker are providing the best lawn mowers in the market. The few snapshots of the noted brands are presented here:


The Exmark manufacturing industry has made the commercial grass cutter for the specialized gardener since 1982, with seven employees in the small garage in Nebraska. Exmark grew as the middle size after launched many products series. Exmark continues to make high quality products in the market.


Since 1922, Simplicity has supplied always excellent quality products for home and commercial grass reaping-machines. Its newest designs ZT2148 has been proving the ability.


The MTD mower approaches their golden yellow year manufacturing industry to depend on the outdoor equipment which the gas starts. MTD delivers 10 brands under the MTD banner. The most housing MTD model use either the Briggs and the Stratton engine or an engine design by this field.

Scag Power Equipment

Started one gear-drive ride model in 1983 at Mayville, Wis. Scag Power Equipment offers more than 50 high-quality and user-friendly mowers models and has evolved to become the largest independent manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment in America.

Cub Cadet Lawn mowers

Cub Cadet Lawn mowers has 45 year history since than meet the requirements of today's landowner. Cub Cadet tractors get prominent place in the market till date. Cub Cadet also offers Utility Tractors, Utility Vehicles, Walk behind mowers, and Trimmers and Tillers. Cub Cadet features includes zero turning radius, automatic transmissions, smooth and easy automatic transmissions.


Kmart is leading online shopping stores offers variety of products ranging from consumer to industrial products. It also offers various brands of lawn mowers online for the customers.

Yazoo Lawn Mowers

Yazoo/Kees manufacturing facilities spread over 274,000-square-foot at Beatrice, Nebraska. Yazoo/Kees's products ranges from zero-turn radius mowers to mega-Max mowers. Yazoo/Kees's flagship commercial mowers has specially designed and equipped with a turbo-charged, 34 hp 3-cylinder engine.

Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota Corporation, Japan founded in 1890 manufacturers produce and market over 130 countries . Kubota's Z-Series 18 to 28-hp zero-turn radius diesel and gas mowers offer up power and designed for durability. The recently launched F-Series front-mount mowers offer of 36 hp engine with four-wheel-drive traction, single-pedal transmission and a hydraulic deck lift for more power and productivity.

Walker Lawn Mowers

Walker Manufacturing has its family-owned and operated since 1980. It has launched zero-turn radius ride-on mowers are designed for more flexibility it also increasing productivity and reducing work time. Walker mowers have specialization in designed of brims, curbs areas instead of major changes in equipment.


One of the leading manufacturer in Britain, Hayter has been synonymous with British grass cutting. Hayter will continue to try to meet the customer needs. It provides rear roller rotaries in variety of widths with push and self-propelled models. Four wheeled mowers are normally chosen where adaptability is important.


ALKO Kober Limited, a leading manufactures of gear, chassis and conversions ALKO provides ride-on mowers to low-noise shredders. ALKO supplies electric and petrol operated lawn mowers garden size. It also provides, Ride-On series. The other products are aerator, shredder, cultivator etc.


Mountfield a subsidiary of the GGP Group manufacturer wide range of lawn mowers and garden machinery in Europe. It has designed the lawn mowers according to the average size of the garden like small, medium, large and extra large gardens. The design and the facility vary according to the utilities.

Dixie Chopper

Dixie Choppers Founded by Art Evans in 1980 has transform the whole lawn and garden industry. Dixie Choppers have unique identity in their products performance, productivity and reliability. They are pioneering in producing zero-turning radius mower in the market.

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